Renovation & Restoration


A wooden floor cannot remain as good as when you first laid it. At some point, you will need to give your wooden floor some much-needed attention. This means you will need to do some restoration work on it. This work should not be attempted by anyone, you will need to contact a professional company. The company you choose should be Timberwolf. The restoration and renovation of your tired and distressed wooden floor back to it's original beauty is what we specialise in here at Timberwolf. We have expert staff who have the right skills to be able to provide you with a finished floor that you can be truly proud of! So if you are wanting to renovate your wooden floor, then why not read on to discover why you should choose Timberwolf.

There are many reasons why wooden floors have lost the beauty they had when they were originally installed. Some of these reasons include changes in fashion and years of neglect. Changes in fashion over the years have seen beautiful wooden floors that people used to be proud of being buried underneath carpets and other finishes and treatments. Years of neglect have caused wooden floors to become heavily worn, scratched or changed by the number of layers of wax and polish that have been applied over the years. Here at Timberwolf, our aim is to maintain, renovate and restore the original character of your property and return it to it's original glory. We want your wooden floor to become one of your favourite features of your property that it once was.

Restoring Your Wooden Floor Back To Their Original Beauty

One of the most important aspects to ensuring we are able to return your floor to its former beauty is precision. We aim to achieve the perfect grain match between the new wood and the original wood. This perfect match can only be achieved by using the best modern techniques, the correct choice of wood and, most importantly choosing the right people with the right experience. That is why you need to choose Timberwolf.

So What Do Timberwolf Do?

We offer a wide range of services to our clients including:

  • Floor cleaning & re-coating your tired wooden floor, (for oiled floors)
  • Re-coating and floor screening for existing engineered floors
  • Re-coating & floor buffing, (for lacquered and varnished floors)
  • Custom staining and colour washing
  • Deep sanding & sealing for Pine Wood, solid and parquet floors


One of the main services we provide is the restoration and renovation of wooden floors. To be able to restore your floor back to it's former glory and also ensure we meet your own unique requirements, we use the following procedures:

  • Survey: The first step you need to take is to contact Timberwolf and provide us with details of the floor you need restoring. If you have the measurements of the room you need renovating, we will be able to provide you with a guideline price. These details will also help us to calculate the length of time it will take to complete the project, and also the details will help us decide what materials we will need. If you don't have the measurements, don't worry, we will measure the room when we come to carry out the survey. Surveying the room will allow us to make sure that we have the correct tools and techniques available to restore your floors original beauty. During the survey, we will provide you with a quote for the project and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Once you have decided to go ahead with the project, we will move onto the next stage.

  • Sanding Your Wooden Floor: The machinery we use to sand your floor generates minimal dust, however, the room needs to be completely emptied before we start renovating the wooden floor. This will make sure that we are able to treat the whole floor without worrying about damaging it further. All of our equipment, including our upright belt machines, edge sanders, rotary & buffing machines and corner/details sanders are fitted with vacuum extraction systems, ensuring that our machines are certified with a 99.9% dust free rating. Our machinery ensures that we can get an average room completed within 24 hours!

  • Finishes: It is important to protect your newly refurbished floor once it has been sanded. The two most popular types of finish are hard wax oils and lacquers,sometimes referred to as varnish. It is very important to use a high quality, highly durable sealant on your floor. That is why we only use Bona Lacquers to finish off our projects. Protecting your floor will prolong it's life.


Timberwolf's Guarantee

Here at Timberwolf we take pride in the services we provide to all of our clients. All of our fitters are highly skilled and have years of experience in renovating all types of wooden floors in different environments. These environments include churches, sports halls, homes and businesses. We ensure that we always put our clients at the heart of everything we do and make sure that all of their specific requirements are met.

When you choose Timberwolf to renovate your wooden floor, you can rest assured that you have out your wooden floor into the right hands, but don't take our word for it, why not take a read of the reviews given by some of previous clients here.

If you want your floor to be something you can be proud Timberwolf now!!