Sports Floor Varnishing

Has your sports floor lost its lust for life and is now looking tired and worn? Has it lost it's slip resistance, making the sports hall a dangerous place to hold events? Have the painted lines began to fade? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you've come to the right place!

Timberwolf has years of experience in restoring wooden floors in different types of venues, including sports halls. We only use the latest dust free machinery, as these machines reduce the dust and debris created when we sand your floor. We also only use Bona Lacquers, (sometimes referred to as varnish), to finish off your floor. This is because this lacquer is extremely durable, resistant to spills and stains. Minor surfaces scratches can be also be removed by one of our excellent floor polishes.

What Should You Expect From Timberwolf

If you contact us with approximate dimensions, we will be able to give you a guideline price over the telephone. If you don't have the measurements, don't worry, we will be able to measure the sports hall when we come to your premises. We will also arrange a suitable time to visit when you contact us. One of our experienced members of staff will come out to survey your sports hall. They will check the condition of the floor to ensure that it is in a fit condition to be sanded. They may advise that repairs need to be made to the floor before we can start to sand. During this initial meeting, you are welcome to ask any questions that you may have, including questions regarding access or drying times. It will be at this meeting when we can discuss what type of finish you would want for your sports hall, for example, lacquer or oil.

Once you have decided that you would like us to proceed with the project, the sports hall will need to be completely emptied. Don't worry if you have any heavy furniture, we will be able to assist you in the removal. Please let us know beforehand if you need any help. The first step when we start a project is to sand the floor back to its natural beauty. We do this using HD Bona belt sanders. We use these particular sanders as they make minimum dust, meaning that there is less mess, and also less chance that the debris contaminates the varnish that we apply later in the project.

The next step in the project is to clean the floor. This ensures that all of the dust is removed from the room. As stated previously, this will reduce the chance of the dust contaminating the varnish. It is also important to point out at this stage, that no one should be entering the room, apart from those working on the project. This is because ANY contamination of the wood or lacquer could later lead to failure of the project.

After the sanding and cleaning stage, we prime the wood. This prepares the wood ready for the varnish. Once the primer has dried, we add two coats of Bona traffic. This leaves the wood with a beautiful finish and also protects it from the heavy footfall that your sports hall will receive. We then ensure we re-instate the court markings and then add two further coats of Bona traffic. This is so the varnish completely projects your wooden floor. It also gives the wood a beautiful finish, giving you a sports hall floor to be proud of!!

Why Should You Choose Timberwolf:

  • We have years of experience in restoring various different floor types
  • We always put our clients at the heart of everything we do
  • Dust free sanding to reduce disruption to our clients
  • We use the right varnish for the type of wood in the project
  • All of our projects, both big and small, get the same attention to detail

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Sports Floor Varnishing

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