Floor Sanding Classic Staining
Classic Staining

by Timberwolf

Victorian with Matt Lacquer

Victorian with Matt Lacquer

Walnut with Ultra Matt Lacquer

Walnut with Ultra Matt Lacquer

(Light Oak on Victorian Pine)

Lacquer Floor

(Dark Oak on Aged Pitch Pine)

Hardwax Oil

Staining the original colour of the wood can complement any style / period of property, particularly with Original Floor-boards (Pine) we stain almost ALL the original pine floors we restore.

More recent Pine floors, 1960’s onwards, can look a little ‘washed out’ when simply coated with a Classic Lacquer or Hardwax Oil finish. Staining is an ideal option to bring out the best in this more utilitarian looking timber.

Oak on the other hand is a beautiful looking wood, suiting all clear top coats, however if a different look is required, generally darker than its natural colour, staining is again a fantastic option.

We use traditional staining techniques to colour the wood, then treat as bare wood, with either Primer & Lacquer or Hardwax Oil top coats for a tough, long lasting protective finish. In the event of any slight scratching, the protective top finish scratches, rather than the stain beneath.

We avoid the use of coloured lacquers / stain & lacquer combinations, these products usually favoured by DIY enthusiasts tend to chip or flake off easily, revealing the bare wood beneath.

Below are TEN of our most popular stains with examples of finished work.

Here our sample swatches are on reclaimed Victorian Yellow pine floorboards, this is the most common type of pine we restore, we see this species of pine in homes built anywhere from the mid 1800's through to around the 1960's. Therefore the swatch should give a close indication to the final shade.

Homes built after the 60's will generally be 'White or Red Pine' our stains always appear lighter on these species. Applying a test area is always an option if any of our clients are a little unsure as to the final colour.


Please Note

Our stains are always very intense in colour just as they have been applied, our swatch sample gives an indication of how the final shade will develop, once the stain has fully penetrated the wood. This process can take a few weeks to completely settle.



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