Often our Floors take the brunt of neglect, but thanks to our dust free sanding service we can bring life back into any wood floor.
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Timberwolf – Yorkshires Premier Wood Floor Sanding Specialists

Timberwolf is a specialist floor sanding, restoring and finishing company, owned and managed by Gary Middleton. A dedicated wood floor professional, having over 25 years experience in both restoration and installation of all types of wood flooring. 

Timberwolf has the manpower & equipment to meet the demands of village halls, churches, schools and the commercial sector, but we are also very proud to say possesses the finesse and attention to detail to better serve the modern domestic market. Offering a wide range of services from floor sanding, wood floor renovation, restoration and varnishing.




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Floor Sanding & Renovation Specialists

Covering York / Hull and the Surrounding Areas - Contact Timberwolf Floors Today

Parquet Floors

Bona Traffic ‘Natural’ (ultra matt) on American white oak

Modern Pine Floor Boards

Nordic White Stain with Bona Traffic HD (extra matt).

Solid & Engineered Floors

Ash Grey stain / Bona Traffic HD (extra Matt) on Solid Oak Flooring

Older Pine Floors (pre 1920's)

Dark Oak Stain / Bona Traffic HD (extra matt) on Old Pine Boards.

Sports Floors & Line Marking

Bona line paint / Bona Sportive (gloss) on this Junckers sports flooring.

Renovating & Up-cycling your floor is Better for our Planet.
Beautiful Design + Care for the Environment = Smarter choice for Our Future

Your wood floor has a long and beautiful life ahead. By renovating rather the renewing, you are not only making the floor look and feel amazing, you’re actually helping to preserve the environment too!

Bringing TIMBERWOLF in to real a fresh new wood surface not only provides a blank canvas for new colours, finishes and ideas…. It also means you are taking action for a more sustainable way of living.

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Floor Sanding Experts

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York and Hull Hard Wood Flooring Specialists

Timberwolf has close connections with Hull & York, working in these areas on a daily basis. Centrally situated between Hull and York, we serve both cities and the shaded surrounding areas.

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