Floor Sanding Older Pine Floors <br/> (Pre 1920s)
Older Pine Floors
(Pre 1920s)

by Timberwolf

Dark Oak Stain / Bona Traffic HD (extra matt) on Old Pine Boards

Sanding ‘Older’ pine floors usually means deep sanding with our heaviest duty machine (aka ‘The Beast’) to remove the pitting and years of imperfections caused by wear and tear.

These type of boards usually have what we nicknamed ’The Black Death’ around the perimeter pictured below.

Bitumen painted around the edges

Deep sanded to perfection and finished with Honey Oak Stain and Bona Traffic (extra Matt)

The Victorian era favoured this black bitumen paint effect around the perimeter of the room, usually having a carpet square or rug placed centrally. Fortunately Timberwolf can remove this troublesome residue of years gone by and provide a slightly more contemporary appearance to your floor.

A similar effect but paint being used rather than bitumen.

Again here all the offending paint sanded away and finished with Antique pine stain and Bona Traffic (silk matt)

Any damage or split boards can usually be replaced or repaired with reclaimed material.

A rather awkward little repair around radiator pipes

The finished result - Finished here with Victorian Pine stain and Bona Matt Lacquer.



Gap filling can be undertaken (as with parquet floors) with resin and fine sawdust mix providing the gaps are not too large and the tongue is still visible in the gap to support the filler. The boards must be well fixed onto solid joists.

Larger isolated gaps can usually be supported with plywood packers beneath and then filled a 2-pack colour matched filler

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