Floor Sanding We  Sand Parquet Floors
We Sand Parquet Floors

by Timberwolf

PARQUET FLOORS - When it comes to sanding parquet, we aim to get the surface as flat as possible. This involves sanding the floor with one of our heavy duty belt sanding machines from multiple angles, followed by all the edges and corners, finally, we use a rotary buffing machine to blend all the processes together resulting in an extremely smooth finish ready to receive stains, lacquers or oils.

corner detail sanding
Corner Detail Sanding
resiin and fine sawdust for smooth floors
Resin and fine sawdust
filling gaps using resin and sawdust paste for a smooth finish
Filling gaps using the resin and sawdust paste

GAP FILLING - We can fill any gaps that may have appeared in the parquet floor over the years (or maybe they were there to begin with !) We use a mix of special resin filler mixed with very fine (clean) sawdust from the final stages of the sanding process. This process further enhances the smooth appearance, providing a more ‘sealed’ surface less likely to be affected by the ingress of moisture. Everyday spills can be wiped away easily without soaking deep into the floor itself.

Occasionally it’s necessary to re-secure any loose blocks prior to sanding. We can advise upon surveying the floor initially.


Here we show just how dirty and grimy a parquet floor before sanding….
dirty parquet floor before sanding
Dustless sanding here removing all the grime !!!
dustless sanding parquet floor
After Sanding… the video here shows just how flat we get the floors before we apply the protective Bona Primers and Lacquers.
The task completed here and finished with Bona Traffic HD Lacquer
finished parquet floor
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