Floor Sanding We Sand Modern Pine Floors
We Sand Modern Pine Floors

by Timberwolf


More recent floorboards generally reveal much lighter wood beneath once sanded, when compared to older pine floors. The type of floors suit our very pale stains such as the ‘Nordic White stain’ pictured above

Older pine floors can receive a white stain, however, the effect it's not quite as ‘white’ as with newer boards.

All pine floors accept darker stains equally well, pictured below shows modern boards stained using ‘Ebony Hardwax Oil’.

Here we show a typical modern pine floor (property built in the 1990’s) orangey brown stain being removed using our DUSTLESS SANDING SYSTEM

Very light and clean sanded boards ready to receive new finish.

Ash Grey Stain applied and finished with Bona Traffic HD (extra matt lacquer) It’s important to mention that many of our photos depict the lacquers ‘/ varnish whilst still wet, giving a shinier appearance than when the floor is dry

The actual effect is very ‘MATT’ once completely dried

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