Floor Sanding Solid & Engineered Floors
Solid & Engineered Floors

by Timberwolf


Solid wood floors can be sanded many times, deeper sanding may be required to remove stains like the one circled in black above.

Here the floor has been deeply sanded and all traces of the spillage have been removed. The floor has been coloured with our Ash Grey and then sealed with Bona Traffic HD (extra matt).

REMOVING STAINS - We can generally remove stains caused by spillages / pet accidents or even staining caused by lawn & plant fertilisers being walked in by people or pets.

Staining caused by lawn fertiliser being walked into the house from the garden.

COMPLETELY sanded, all the staining removed and then finished with Bona Traffic HD ’Silkmatt’






A little more care is needed when sanding engineered floors, obviously, they are not as thick as solid floors, so where possible we use our Rotary Flexisand machines.

These machines sand the floors well but do not remove as much of the top surface. Timberwolf try to leave enough surface on an engineered floor so that it can be sanded again in years to come.

What is an Engineered Floor?

An engineered floor comprises of...

Here the floor is lightly sanded before the final coat of Lacquer is applied.

inal coat of Bona Traffic HD applied this time in regular ‘Matt’.

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